NEWS FLASH !! -- October 2019 -- After 15 years with no updates, is back ! The previous page (last updated on November 6, 2004) can be seen here.
The domain (of which I was also the custodian) has been hijacked, it appears, by means of identity theft. Please see the notice in the right hand column (because I will need your help to get it back).
For the launch of the new site, I will begin with the essay below, which discusses "Fully Automated Luxury Communism", the disintegration of the trotskyist cargo cults, some recent controversies in the left, the clear and certain path forward, and about 12 thousand years of history. ... Enjoy.
Ben Seattle -- October 2019
your information theorist, and proletarian journalist.
I intend to initiate a public campaign
to regain the domain names that
were taken from my possession
by means of identity theft:
In 2018, hacker thieves used identity theft to hijack these domain names from me. My domain name registrar, GoDaddy, has been completely unhelpful in giving me even basic information related to when and how these domain names were unlawly removed from my control. GoDaddy has refused to talk directly to me about this and has told me that I need to have a lawyer contact them. But lawyers cost hundreds of dollars an hour and I cannot afford to pay expensive legal fees as, like most people, I have my hands full just paying my rent.

Last time I checked these domain names were being offered for sale (in the case of, for more than $200,000).

These domain names
belong to the movement

I have been the custodian of these names for more than 20 years, and have met all legal requirements and paid fees each year to maintain them.

I used the domain to archive 20 years of my theoretical work and political writing. This theoretical work and political writing is no longer available and thousands of links all over the internet are now broken.

The domain name was intended to function as a URL shortener for the movement.

The hacker/thieves stole but they failed to steal and I intend to use as a platform to organize a public campaign to regain these names for the movement.

I will need your help to make this happen.

I need help

I need free legal assistance. I need someone with a legal background to help me draft:
  1. A Request for Information letter to GoDaddy asking them for technical details to determine exactly when and how these domain names were hijacked
  2. A Cease and Desist letter to be sent to all companies and entities associated with the current host of these domains and the efforts to market these domains to unsuspecting buyers
I need volunteers to do legal research.

I need people to write letters and help spread the word.

I need activists to help me figure out how to make use of these domains to serve the movement if or when the campaign to take them back is successful.

Contact me

If you would like to help, or think you can help--let me hear from you.

After a recent computer crash--I am working on getting my email, wordpress blog, facebook and other channels of communication functional again. As a temporary measure in the meantime--you should be able to connect with me via the reddit at:

Ben Seattle,
October 23, 2019